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Birmingham Pen Co. is based out of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, and at this time only sells and ships within the United States. Their inks are normally only available via direct sales with their company.
Birmingham offers a wide variety of inks, with some incredible sheening inks as well as a number of shimmering ones, (their term is twinkle). Many are also very nice shading inks.

The selection of inks here is growing regularly but availability by the bottle is often limited. I am ordering regularly, so if there is a specific ink in their catalog that you would like to get in, send me an email request.

Some ink by the bottle is now available in a number of different sizes, please be aware of the size, if in doubt as to the bottle size, please reach out with an enquiry. Inks are available in their 60ml size as well as 25ml, as new inks are being added there are a number of “opportunity purchases” I’ve managed to bring in, in a 30ml size. Then there are the new inks that are coming in 25ml, that are rebottled.
As Birmingham as changed the bottle size repeatedly over the course of 2023 there may easily be some confusion as to what is on offer, and we may miss editing an ink to better reflect the new sizes available, pricing is also changing regularly to reflect the variables involved. Rest assured that these changes will never make it through to the invoicing or shipping stages without alerting the customer.

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