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Cosmo Airlight, the main body paper, was the number one paper in the “Paper that feels great to write on” contest held by Yamamoto Shigyo with fountain pen fans at the 2019 San Francisco Pen Show.
The paper was evaluated for its “beautiful sheading” and “sheening” of ink.
From there, we began to promote the fact that Cosmo Air Light is the best choice for fountain pen ink.

COSMO NOTE’s commitment
Design: It took us 6 months to decide on the design of COSMO NOTE.
We were conscious of a simple, universal design that would live up to the name “COSMO,” which means “universe*world*harmony.
The cover is made of Colorplan Smoke by G.F Smith of England, which has a rich material feel and a calm and quiet atmosphere.
Instead of using vinyl cloth, we expressed environmental awareness and innocence by showing a plain weave cloth woven with warp and weft yarns alternately rising and falling, and paper-lined cold gauze as a finishing touch.
The gold leaf [COSMO NOTE] on the gauze looks like a newborn star.
For the reverse side, we used special Tokai Paper Mills Tanto Select, which has a gentle off-white color that stimulates the senses and welcomes the viewer into the world of creativity.

When selecting the thickness of the text, we conducted numerous usage tests and adopted 83 g/m2 after considering various aspects, such as being recognized by notebook fans around the world, transparency of the underlay, and writing comfort.
In addition, Cosmo Air Light is a paper produced by Japan’s outstanding [bulky paper] papermaking technology.
The thickness of 83g/m2 is 111±3μm, which is equivalent to 104.7g/m2 for matte coated paper. In other words, in comparison, COSMO AIRLIGHT is about 20% lighter paper despite having a similar thickness.
Therefore, COSMO NOTE can be said to be a very lightweight notebook for the texture* volume of the text.

▶Binding [Itokagari].
Open and close the notebook many times each day, either by opening it 180 degrees flat to the node, or by folding it 360 degrees.
The binding of the notebook must be able to withstand the harsh environment.
COSMO NOTE is bound using the [thread stitching] method.
All pages are threaded in 12 places, about 15 mm apart, so that the pages will not come off even after a long period of time.
Hardcover books and organizers are also bound in this way.

*Binding [Back Straightening].
After the thread stitching process, pressure is applied evenly to the spine to prevent the paper from rebounding or bulging.
This “spine flattening” process is performed multiple times to produce a beautifully shaped COSMO NOTE with firm corners.

Rounded corners
The top and bottom edges of the notebook are rounded. This prevents the corners of the notebook from being bent.
This may seem like a small detail, but it will make a big difference when the notebook is used over a long period of time.

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