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This glass pen by Guitar includes a convenient cap, ensuring it’s portable and easy to carry. The hard glass nib offers outstanding durability, heat resistance, and resistance to abrasion.

The nib is handmade, leading to possible variations between individual pens.
Handle with care to prevent damage from contact with ink bottles or hard surfaces.
Use exclusively for writing.
Keep out of reach of children.

Nib: Durable hard glass
Pen body: Acrylic resin
Nib connector: ABS resin
How to Use Your Glass Pen:

Gently apply ink to the pen’s tip. If excess ink is present, dab it off with a tissue.
Tilt the pen slightly from the vertical during writing. Gradually rotating the pen helps maintain a steady ink flow, allowing for more continuous writing.
After writing, rinse the nib in water and pat dry with a tissue. If ink residues persist in the grooves, delicately remove them using a soft-bristled brush.


Pink, Red, Blue, White

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