penablers was envisioned over a year ago, and has transformed dramatically since then. While predominantly focused on ink, the offerings will be growing as we do.

We are certainly not your average site, and you’ll have to excuse the basic look and functionality here, many features that everyone is used to are currently beyond my IT skill, not to mention costing money, likewise a shopping cart and checkout procedure would only add to the costs, and they would of course have to be passed along. My aim at this point is to provide fellow Enthusiasts with ink at the most reasonable price I can, while making enough to not be losing money, maybe I can even make a buck or two.

Shopping and shipping instructions will be completed simply via email, or Messenger for now, and as I’ve already said, this is very basic. Shipping of the entire product line will be interrupted by my employment regularly. As the “Central Canada Depot” as it was euphemistically referred to recently becomes better stocked, more of the inks and accessories will be available full time. If in doubt, or you are in desperate need of something specific quickly, shoot me an email.