Regarding shipping charges, these are not so much choices to make or optional (other than local pickup) but are in place in the checkout process to allow the process to be as convenient as possible for all of us.

As a guidline to choose the correct shipping costs;

The $5.00 S&H charge covers small orders, ie: a couple of ink samples, brass shims, micromesh, and items of this size in any combination that weigh less than 100 grams and is less than 2cm thick

The $7.00 S&H charge covers the same criteria as the $5.00 charge and can weigh up to 500grams. (This will cover a Magazine on its own only)

The $20.00 S&H charge covers Canada Post’s small Flat Rate Box, (well, mostly covers it, to keep things “simple” I’ve rounded down to $20). This covers most any eventuality of shipping orders, including all products up to 5KG of weight. In addition, this shipping method is also tracked, and has the minimum insurance of$100 included.

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