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November 3, 2023

Happy Fountain Pen Day,

In observation of Fountain Pen Day, penablers is offering Free Shipping over $100 today!

January 17, 2023

While I have done my fair share of online shopping, there are a number of things I’ve learned building my own online store. Shopping carts that are left to simmer do not reflect inventory reduction on the back end, therefore I would suggest if there is something that is only available as a single item, do not ponder your decision for too long, the product might be purchased out from under you.

We are still working on discovering how long a shopping cart lasts, before the software discards it. Stay tuned for that information.

The drop down menus, indicated by arrows might be the only way to find a product other than search. It is advised to hover over the arrow, or click on the arrow. Depending on your device, ie: phone, tablet, laptop, this is proving to be harder than expected to accommodate all possible devices. If you find any actual glitches, please use the contact form in the main menu to let me know.

Enjoy, and thanks for visiting.


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