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Our newest series of inks are based on Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths). These gentle and delicate creatures have inspired us with some of the wildest and most interesting colors in nature. This series of eight inks emphasizes the nuance and delicate nature of these mysterious animals that predate the dinosaurs. A butterfly may be as wide as your hand while weighing no more than an aspirin tablet, some fly thousands of miles in epic migrations, while others only live a few days. Lepidoptera have inspired countless people with the powerful symbolism of transformation, rebuilding themselves from sluggish caterpillars into beautiful flying creatures, but their colors can be transformative at every stage of life.


15ml Bottle, Sample, 45ml Bottle, Full Set


Atlas Moth Brown, Beaded King Shoemaker Butterfly Blue, Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Butterfly Green, Viceroy Butterly Orange, Adonis Butterfly Blue, Luna Moth Green, Rosy Maple Moth Pink, Tolype Moth Warm

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