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Colorverse #62 Maltijae from the Korea Special Ink collection is a medium orange ink with low shading and low green sheen. It dries in 50 seconds in a medium nib on Rhodia and has an average flow. Colorverse ink is made in Korea.

Maltijae, located in Boeun, Chungcheongbuk-do, refers to the pass to the entrance of Mt. Sokri. The Malti Pass, visible from the Maltijae Observatory, presents a unique and attractive landscape with a harmonious forest and road.

The ink is orange with dark green sheen, we would like to capture the autumn scenery of Malti Pass in ink.
The ink shows a very clear orange color at the first time, and as it dries gradually into a brownish tone as if autumn leaves are ripen.
and the light green or gold sheen stands out.


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