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The name “Kent paper” comes from the fact that it was imported from Kent, England. It was widely used as drawing paper because of its high surface smoothness and strength, excellent writing performance, and no feathering when erased with an eraser. Japan’s first Kent paper was developed by Mitsubishi Paper Mills in 1918 as chart paper for the Japanese Navy. SUNSUN KENT was jointly developed by Tokyo Paper Association and Hokuetsu Paper Mfg. in 1980, pursuing an elegant white color, high surface smoothness, and high opacity. It is also suitable for monochrome inkjet printing and color laser printing to meet the needs of the times. SUNSUNKENT is currently being produced at the Nagaoka Mill’s No. 3 machine. In a writing test conducted by Yamamoto Shigyo, the pen did not slip too much and the writing feel was moderate. The bright ink color can also be enjoyed.

Basis weight: 81.4 g/m2
Size:A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Number of sheets: 50
Inkjet printability: 0
Laser printability: 0
Paper thickness:Vertical

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